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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Week 5: This weeks participants were Karl Burke, Mark Garry, Dara Smith,Brian Cass, Alice Rekab, Ian Mc Donnell, Ben Readman . We got through 30 tunes last night here are list and links.

1 : Van Morrison
Coney island .
2:Jerry Goldsmith
Planet of the apes soundtrack
3 Mahalia Jackson
The Battle of Jericho
4:Chain Gang:
Bobby (Winston) Francis
5: Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill
Paddy Fahy’s Reel
6: Alva Noto
7: Ezekiel Honig
Hitching  a ride on a small boat
8: The weekend
High for this
9: Badly Drawn Boy
10: Hunn Huur tu
Ancestors call
11:Flying lotus
Remix of Kanye West’s  Love locked down
12:Dinasor junior
In a Jar
13: Tyler the creator
14 : Those dancing days
Run Run
15:The Rapture
Gotta get myself into it
16: James Blake
Lindisfarne (Album version)
17: John Hudson
3 rhymes
18:Conlon Nancarrow
Study For player piano no.42
19 Lady Felicia
No condition is permanent
20: Beach house
Lover of mine
21:Hell Interface
The Midas touch
Boards of Canada remix
22:Sam Amidon
23:Tyler the Creator
24:Republic of loose
Come back girl
Lubauala Ndonga
26:Temple Church Choir London
Mendelson : hear my prayer
27:Si Schroder
28:Young Montana
( Couldn’t find a link so this link is to another Young Montana tune, its  amazing also)
29: The Stranglers
Strange little girl

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