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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Week 3 . Not as many tunes this week , (not mentioning any names but we had some late comers ) much more detailed information on the tunes thank to Oran acting as secretary , we will have links to as many of the tunes as possible at the weekend , Participants this week were Karl Burke , Sean Carpio, Eileen Carpio , Oran Day ,Ian McDonnell, Mark Garry, and Dara Smith, cheers Mark G

01. Memoria / by Murcof (Fernando Corona) / from Martes LP (Leaf, 2002)

02. Amoreena / by Elton John / from Tumbleweed Connection LP (Uni, 1970)

03. FireWorks (Sahasrara) / by Mono/Poly (Charles E Dickerson) / from Paramatma LP (Tasteful Licks, 2010)

04. The Parting Glass / by The Voice Squad / from Holly Wood LP (Tara, 1988)

05. Zurich / by Mark Turner / from Dharma Days LP (Warner Bros. Records, 2001)

06. Immortal Bach (After Bach's Chorale Come Sweet Death), for chorus / by Knut Nystedt (composer) / from Sacred Choral Music LP (ASV, 1999)

07. Broncos' Fight Song / by Denver Broncos UK / release details unconfirmed (2006/7)

08. Mon Amour / by Alvi & The Alivettes / B-side of I'll Go Too 7" (46 Records, 1983)

09. Frame by Frame / by King Crimson / from Discipline LP (EG Records, 1981)

10. In the Kingdom #19 / by Sonic Youth / from EVOL LP (SST, 1986)

11. Voice of Chunk / by The Lounge Lizards / from Voice of Chunk LP (Strange and Beautiful Music, 1989)

12. Minus / by Robert Hood / from Internal Empire LP (Tresor, 1994)

13. Cardo O Ceniza / by Chabuca Granda / from Tarimba Negra LP (FonoMusic, 1977)

14. Un Uomo Da Rispettare (Titoli) / by Ennio Morricone (composer) / from Un Uomo Da Rispettare OST LP (CBS, 1972)

15. All the Tired Horses / by Bob Dylan / from Self Portrait LP (Columbia, 1971)
16. Porch (Version#28) / by Stars of the Lid / from Carte-De-Visite - limited edition tour CD (self-released, 2007)

17. Nash Lontano / by Christian WallumrĂžd Ensemble / from The Zoo is Far LP (ECM, 2007)

18. Sing Me Back Home / by The Everly Brothers / from Roots LP (Warner Bros. Records, 1968)

19. Grido – String Quartet No. 3 / by Helmut Lachenmann (composer) / from Helmut Lachenmann – String Quartets LP (Kairos, 2007)

20. Les Temps Changent / by MC Solaar / from Paradisiaque LP (PolyGram, 1997)

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Monday 11th of April (Week 2)

Our group expanded somewhat this week in attendance were,  Karl Burke , Sean Carpio, Ian McDonnell, Mark Garry, George Higgs, Alice Rekab and Dara Smith . 

Terry Callier: Cotton eyed joe. 
Sparks: This town ain't big enough for the both of us .
Grizzly Bear (Featuring Michael McDonald): While you wait for the others.
Lunasa: The Last pint.
Burial: Street Halo.
The Four vagabonds: There's a ray of sunshine.
Bessie Johnson: Titanic.
Soledad Bravo: Cantos de pilan.
Indang Pariaman: Samsimar
John Fahey: In christ there is no east or west.
The Alabama: Sherbourne sacred harp convention
Chris Watson: Icelandic glacier field recordings
Endgames: Ecstacy(Jam city Refix)
Carlos Gesualdo: Sabato sancto in II Nocturno. played by the Hillard ensemble.
Skulli Sverrisson: Nineteen centuries.
Delia Derbyshire: Music of Spheres
Delia Derbyshire: Blue veils and golden sands.
Cliff Martinez: She will come back (Solarus soundtrack)
Beethoven: (Recording from 1932) of The second movement of the 21st sonata 
Badly Drawn boy: My friend Cubilas 
Three Dog Night: Mama told me not to come.
Chancha-Via-Circuito: XLR8 mix
Thelonious Monk: Tea for two
Thelonious Monk: I'm Confessin (that I love you) 
Chet Baker: Little man you've had a busy day  
Frank Ocean: There will be tears 
Mahalia Jackson: Just a little closer walk with thee
Death Grips: Full moon (Death classic)
Flamingoes:I only have eyes for you  

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Tuesday April 5th (Week 1)

Our First night had four participants : Karl Burke , Sean Carpio, Ian McDonnell, Mark Garry. People chose a quite diverse mixture of tunes for the first night: 

Sono : Hyperballad
Linda Lewis: In the Frame
Christian Fennesz : Vacume 
Set Fire to Flames : and the birds are about to bust thee guts with singing.
Uziq : The Fear
Caudillismo y Pedigree : Mi pierro poodle tieme pulgas negros.
Eivind Opsvik: Planned future.
Frank Ocean: Swim Good
Earl Sweatshirt : Drop
George Benson : Star of the Story. 
Alice Coltrane : Journeys in Satchidananda
Peter Broderick: Patient observations.
Wolf Eyes : A million Years 
The Locust : The half eaten sausage would like to see you in his office.
Malcolm Middelton : Up late at night again.
SND : 08216
Sirconical : Make the music with your mouse.
Tyler the Creator: Seven
Omar Souleman : I will pick a flower from your cheek.
Autechre : Ress.
Tortoise : Eros
Jaime Roos : Brindis  por Piurrot 
Skuli Sverrisson: Le feu
David Lang : The so called laws of nature 
Orla Wren : Closure  
Cornelius : Drop ( remixed by the kings of convenience )
John Mouse - Dont be a body
Javelin- Off my mind