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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Tuesday April 5th (Week 1)

Our First night had four participants : Karl Burke , Sean Carpio, Ian McDonnell, Mark Garry. People chose a quite diverse mixture of tunes for the first night: 

Sono : Hyperballad
Linda Lewis: In the Frame
Christian Fennesz : Vacume 
Set Fire to Flames : and the birds are about to bust thee guts with singing.
Uziq : The Fear
Caudillismo y Pedigree : Mi pierro poodle tieme pulgas negros.
Eivind Opsvik: Planned future.
Frank Ocean: Swim Good
Earl Sweatshirt : Drop
George Benson : Star of the Story. 
Alice Coltrane : Journeys in Satchidananda
Peter Broderick: Patient observations.
Wolf Eyes : A million Years 
The Locust : The half eaten sausage would like to see you in his office.
Malcolm Middelton : Up late at night again.
SND : 08216
Sirconical : Make the music with your mouse.
Tyler the Creator: Seven
Omar Souleman : I will pick a flower from your cheek.
Autechre : Ress.
Tortoise : Eros
Jaime Roos : Brindis  por Piurrot 
Skuli Sverrisson: Le feu
David Lang : The so called laws of nature 
Orla Wren : Closure  
Cornelius : Drop ( remixed by the kings of convenience )
John Mouse - Dont be a body
Javelin- Off my mind  

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  1. I love that Frank Ocean song... let's sing it!!! I'm about to drive in the Ocean.. I'm a try to swim from something bigger than me... kick off my shoes and swim good, swim good, take off this suit and swim good, swim good... vocoder go!