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Friday, 27 May 2011

Week 7: Participants this week were: Sean Carpio, Dara Smith, Olga Tiernan , Karl Burke Mark Garry.(There was beer involved)

1 Buffy Saint Marie :Soldier Blue 
2: Do make say think.
3:  Bonnie Prince Billy :The Way
4: Predator : Mad sick
5: Mumford and sons: Sigh no more 
6: Neil Young and Crazy Horse : Cortez the killer 
7:Raymond Scott. The bassline generation
8: Abba : The name of the game
9: Thurston Moore :psychic hearts
10:Al Jolson and Bing Crosbie: Alexanders ragtime band
11: RJD2: The Chicken Bone
12 : Busta Rhymes (feat Janet Jackso) What’s it gonna be 
13: Orbital : Chime
14: Christian Fennesz : vacuum
15:Fortune Tellahs : x plastaz
16: Bats : The cruel sea
17:Meshugga: Straws pulled at Random
18: Set fire to flames : And the birds are about to bust there guts with singing 
19:  GZA :Gold
20: Errol Garner: Moonglow
21 : Al jolson and the Andrews Sisters :The old Piano Roll Blues 
22: Hyetal : phoenix
23: Sinead O’Connor: Troy
24: Sinead O’Connor: I want your hands on me
25:Prince : Nothing compares to you
26: Love - Alone Again Or
27: majan Lazers : Love isn’t always on time
28:Two lone Swordsmen : Ivy and Lead
29: Nightmares on Wax , Nights interlude 
30: Bruce Springsteen : mansion on the Hill
31:George Shearing and Carmen McRea
32 : Duke Ellington : Isfahan
34: Spiritualised : Cool waves
35:Nancy Wilson : Joe
36: Chris Clarke: The chase
37: Chris Clarke : Lord of the Dance
38: Burt Bacharach: Alfie
39:The Carpenters : Yesterday once More
40: Bobby McFerren : Circle song 6
41:Rufus Wainwright : Art Teacher
42:Randy Newman: Baltimore
43: Yeasayer : Tight Rope  (From Dark was The Night )
44: Dirty Projectors and David Byrne: Knotty Pine
45:Diana Ross: Upside Down
46: Diana Ross: I’m coming out.
47: Boys Noize- Get Up (Diplo Remix)
48: Gold Panda : you
49: David Lang : Memory Pires

Friday, 20 May 2011

Week 6: Participants this week were:Karl Burke ,David Beattie, Brian Cass, Eileen Carpio , Sean Carpio, Mark Garry, Dara Smith , Ian Mc Donnell.

1: Madonna - White Heat
2:Taken by trees- unknown track
3:Hyental - Beach Scene
4: Puccini - Madame Butterfly , Humming Chorus
5:Luna Monti y Juan Quintero- La Luna
6:The voice Squad - Annan water
7: Throbbing Gristle - Hot on the heels of love
8:Amon Tobin - Slowly
9:Lightning Bolt - 13 Monsters
Lightning Bolt - 13 Monsters
10: Akira Kosemura - Perpetuity
11: Letherette in July
12:Anton Webern - 6 bagatelles for string quartet
13: Warlords of Pez - Kill Kiil Kill
14: Warlords of Pez - Hi HI HI Hardcore
15: Warlords of Pez - F
16: Warlords of Pez - Beet on the street.
17: Warlords of Pez - FIB
18: Warlords of Pez - Spanner in the works
19: Henry Flynt - Jamboree
20: Games - Shadows in Bloom
21: Quanam - Track 3
22: Tortoise - The taut and the tame
23: Pan Sonic - Corona
24: Susumu Yokota - Rising Sun
25: Dj Nate - we can work this out
26: Dj Nate - Back Down
27: Gill Scott Heron - New york is killing me
28: The Human League - Being Boiled
29: Domo Genesis (Odd Future) - Super market (Featuring Tyler The Creator)
30: Kila - The Siege of Carrickfinn International Airport
31: Zombay - Natalias Song
32: Lindstrom - The long way home

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Week 5: This weeks participants were Karl Burke, Mark Garry, Dara Smith,Brian Cass, Alice Rekab, Ian Mc Donnell, Ben Readman . We got through 30 tunes last night here are list and links.

1 : Van Morrison
Coney island .
2:Jerry Goldsmith
Planet of the apes soundtrack
3 Mahalia Jackson
The Battle of Jericho
4:Chain Gang:
Bobby (Winston) Francis
5: Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill
Paddy Fahy’s Reel
6: Alva Noto
7: Ezekiel Honig
Hitching  a ride on a small boat
8: The weekend
High for this
9: Badly Drawn Boy
10: Hunn Huur tu
Ancestors call
11:Flying lotus
Remix of Kanye West’s  Love locked down
12:Dinasor junior
In a Jar
13: Tyler the creator
14 : Those dancing days
Run Run
15:The Rapture
Gotta get myself into it
16: James Blake
Lindisfarne (Album version)
17: John Hudson
3 rhymes
18:Conlon Nancarrow
Study For player piano no.42
19 Lady Felicia
No condition is permanent
20: Beach house
Lover of mine
21:Hell Interface
The Midas touch
Boards of Canada remix
22:Sam Amidon
23:Tyler the Creator
24:Republic of loose
Come back girl
Lubauala Ndonga
26:Temple Church Choir London
Mendelson : hear my prayer
27:Si Schroder
28:Young Montana
( Couldn’t find a link so this link is to another Young Montana tune, its  amazing also)
29: The Stranglers
Strange little girl

Monday, 2 May 2011

Week 4. Monday the 3rd of May.Again a terrific mix of stuff this week. Participants this week were Eileen Carpio ,Ian McDonnell, Mark Garry, Dara Smith, and Sharon Phelan.

Added some links this week

1:Amerie: 1 Thing ( Remix) featuring Eve.
2:Shangaan Electro: Nwamp Fuidla 
3:Los Chalchaleros : Letra de Chakai Manta (Desde Allá) 
4:Eskimo Cloud light.
5:Ben Frost : Theory of machines.
6:The Winstons : Colour Him Father
7:The Winstons : Amen Brother
8:Arvo Part : Sarah was 90 years old
9:Huun Huur Tu. Orphans Lament
10:Glenn Branca: Lesson No 1
11:Galaxie 500: Strange
12 Charles Ives: 3 Quarter-Tone pieces.(1924)
13:Morrissey: Sing your life
14: The Smiths: Suffer Little Children
15: Ravid Goldschmidt:Wave 
16:Gold Panda: Quitters Ragga
17: J Dilla: Lightworks
18:Mariah:Shinzo no torira
19:Joao Gilberto:Estate
20: Blossom Dearrie: I'm Hip (live from Ronnie Scott's)
21:Dammar: Preaching for mass suicide.
22:Elliott Smith: Roman Candle
23;Popoi Vuh: Aguirre
24:Alain Peters:Mange Pour le cours
25:IAM: Revoir de Printemps
26:The Hillard Ensemble: Emerodde
27:CEO: Everything is gonna be alright.
28:ARPT+ Anthony Moore: Wild grass(For Arthur Russell)
29:Glen Campbell:The dreams of an everyday housewife.
30:Isla Cameron:O Willow Waily
31:CI Africa: Bablyon Advisory