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Monday, 2 May 2011

Week 4. Monday the 3rd of May.Again a terrific mix of stuff this week. Participants this week were Eileen Carpio ,Ian McDonnell, Mark Garry, Dara Smith, and Sharon Phelan.

Added some links this week

1:Amerie: 1 Thing ( Remix) featuring Eve.
2:Shangaan Electro: Nwamp Fuidla 
3:Los Chalchaleros : Letra de Chakai Manta (Desde Allá) 
4:Eskimo Cloud light.
5:Ben Frost : Theory of machines.
6:The Winstons : Colour Him Father
7:The Winstons : Amen Brother
8:Arvo Part : Sarah was 90 years old
9:Huun Huur Tu. Orphans Lament
10:Glenn Branca: Lesson No 1
11:Galaxie 500: Strange
12 Charles Ives: 3 Quarter-Tone pieces.(1924)
13:Morrissey: Sing your life
14: The Smiths: Suffer Little Children
15: Ravid Goldschmidt:Wave 
16:Gold Panda: Quitters Ragga
17: J Dilla: Lightworks
18:Mariah:Shinzo no torira
19:Joao Gilberto:Estate
20: Blossom Dearrie: I'm Hip (live from Ronnie Scott's)
21:Dammar: Preaching for mass suicide.
22:Elliott Smith: Roman Candle
23;Popoi Vuh: Aguirre
24:Alain Peters:Mange Pour le cours
25:IAM: Revoir de Printemps
26:The Hillard Ensemble: Emerodde
27:CEO: Everything is gonna be alright.
28:ARPT+ Anthony Moore: Wild grass(For Arthur Russell)
29:Glen Campbell:The dreams of an everyday housewife.
30:Isla Cameron:O Willow Waily
31:CI Africa: Bablyon Advisory 

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